Horner APG has released their newest product: the Micro OCS X10 All-in-One Controller, offering a slim, versatile, and complementary product to our existing line of robust industrial solutions.

Horner continues to grow the range of products in their series of Micro OCS (Operator Control Stations) controllers varying between 2” to now 10” screens. The addition of the enhanced 10” screen option creates a more substantial offering in the mid-size line of controllers. The X10 has been designed with a streamlined set of onboard I/O supporting an impressive array of applications. Discrete manufacturing is well supported with 20-24 digital I/O points – including high-speed inputs and outputs.

The web-compatible X10 is supported by Horner’s Cscape 9.9, SP3.5 programming software, and makes operation and design of most applications clear and simple. The clarity and size of the X10’s high-performance screen are a benefit in a variety of ambient lighting conditions. The large WSVGA (Wide Super VGA) color touchscreen enhances graphics while providing high visibility.