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Jan 20 2022

Ariens Co

"We learned about Horner controllers from our rep at Power/mation roughly 12 years ago. We were looking for an alternative to the higher priced PLCs on the market. We have used everything from 102's to XL 10's and everything in between. The controllers have been used for everything from simple machine control to controlling the

Dec 2 2021

Johnson Electric Supply

The Johnson Electric Supply Company, in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been a distributor for Horner for over 20 years, working with technical engineers, tech support, and customer service associates from Horner. They have completed multiple projects with Horner controllers, to solve customer problems. Tyler Camarata, an Application Engineer with Johnson Electric, spoke highly of the support

Jul 27 2021

Axis Automation

"I have used Horner products for 15 years or more. I actually used the Horner add on cards for the old GE 9030 PLCs. I have used the Analog, ASCII Basic, and stepper modules as well as the current all-in-one Horner PLCs. Horner’s PLC offerings have truly made it possible to add a PLC and

Jul 28 2021

Bliss Industries LLC

"Bliss Industries LLC has been a loyal Horner Automation customer for years. As Horner Automation and the industry as a whole has changed, we have changed right along with it to continue to offer a quality product to our customers. We will continue our relationship with Horner Automation for years to come." ~ Mike Turner

Jul 27 2021

Governor Control Systems

"Horner has helped us in various applications in the power-generation industry with cost-effective solutions. We have been working closely with Horner for 15+ years and the main advantages for GCS in using Horner: Cost effective products and software Excellent and fast technical support Short lead-times Good relationship with the commercial and technical leaders within Horner

Jul 27 2021


"The controller we used was the HE-XE105 and for that project it worked great. It had the digital I/O we needed and also the analog I/O. We used it to read pressure sensors with 0-5 volt outputs and we use the 0-20 ma output to control pump speeds. The Cscape software was easy to use

Jul 27 2021

OBM Systems

"I have worked with Horner Automation products for over 14 years, starting in the Gas Industry and currently in the Oil and Water Industries. I’ve utilized everything from X4 and XLE/XLT up to EXL6 and EXL10. I have chosen Horner controllers repeatedly over the years for their ease of use in programming and their great

Jul 28 2021

Pacific Fishermen Shipyard

"I was initially attracted to Horner OCS products by the competitive pricing, all in one packaging and ease of programming facilitated by the FREE Cscape software.  I have since been extremely pleased to enjoy the relationships established with sales and technical support personalities and the excellent service they provide.  Over 60 OCS sales later, I

Jan 20 2022

Horner Ireland – Smart MicroDairy

The Smart Microdairy™ application was developed in Limerick, Ireland by Unison Process Solutions. Unison is a team of experts in dairy processing and milk vending. Their aim is to make dairy production as simplistic, user-friendly, and cost-effective as possible. See how Horner Technology was applied in this revolutionary application. READ MORE...  


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