What is OEE and why do I need it?

OEE stands for Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  It is the most commonly used manufacturing metric to understand, measure and improve current manufacturing production performance. OEE is expressed as a percentage and is calculated as the product of three other metrics – Availability, Performance and Quality – defined below.

Availability (%) – Actual Production Time / Total Planned Production Time

Performance (%) – Actual Production Total / Target Production Total

Quality (%) – Good Production / Total Production

All manufacturers are operating in an environment of global competition. In order to compete – manufacturers must be highly efficient and continuously improving. OEE is a proven effective metric in an ongoing program of continuous improvement. The automation industry offers components and tools to collect this important OEE data.  There are very few cost-effective, finished solutions on the market – this is where Horner Solutions comes in! We provide a cost-effective yet scalable work cell solution that goes beyond visualization – and comes ready to setup and use in a matter of hours – not months. Our Solution also works equally well at the operator, supervisory and management levels.

Companies that can especially benefit from an automated, work cell centered OEE Solution are those currently gathering data manually – through whiteboards or clipboards.  Manual data gathering is subject to errors of inconsistency, omission and translation.  Gathering OEE data automatically and consistently is a critical next step in a continuous improvement program.