About Us

Horner APG, based in the United States, is comprised of Horner Automation, Horner Lighting, and now Horner Solutions Groups.  Horner APG is a global leader in industrial automation, building automation, LED lighting and Equipment Effectiveness tools.  Through our customer-focused vision and customized innovation, we continue to provide integrated solutions that exceed our partners’ and customers’ expectations.

Horner Automation, Horner Lighting and now Horner Solutions are individually unique organizations working within Horner APG (Advanced Product Group) – a subsidiary of Horner Electric. Horner Electric can trace it’s roots back to 1949 when George and Mary Horner started their small, family-run business. Horner APG has been in operation for over 35 years, getting its start in 1985. Horner APG, and the organizations of which it comprises, is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The milestones achieved by Horner over the years comprise the finest businesses in their respective fields, creating a comprehensive portfolio of services, products, and markets.

The Horner Solutions Group is elevating some of our select automation products to the next level. We’re excited to announce a brand new division of Horner – the Horner Solutions Group! As Horner has expanded and diversified over the years, it has usually stemmed from developing some sort of solution for a market that seemed to be a niche product at first, but soon caught fire and expanded rapidly. Whether it was our original OCS all-in-one controllers in automation or our Remote Phosphor technology in lighting, Horner has shown that it can disrupt any market.

While Horner has sold many of these in-house developed solutions as our own products, that’s not all that Horner has been up to over the years. There are also many customized engineering and hardware or software solutions that we have developed for other customers and industries, that have no mention of Horner on them whatsoever. We also want to extend this reach of services to more customers, so our Solutions Group will also offer engineering services for custom hardware and software solutions for those customers looking for something outside of our existing products and solutions.

The Horner Solutions Group aims to catch lightning in a bottle once again with the introduction of our Horner OEE Solution. With the ever-growing need for production data in the industry, we wanted to help bridge the gap for many production companies to be able to start collecting accurate and functional OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data within just a few minutes of setup, as opposed to the weeks/months many companies spend developing their own solution from scratch. While this solution uses our automation products, there’s no need to touch Cscape with this one – everything can be set up right from the screen! This solution can be used for a single work cell, or can be combined with multiple cells and networked together to a central Data Concentrator solution. It can also be displayed via WebMI remotely to a larger production monitor.

Many of you may have gotten a sneak peak at our OEE Solution at trade shows in the past month or two, and we hope for this to be the first solution of many. Stay tuned for more information on various other solutions in the future, including Tank Level Monitoring, Water Monitoring, Motor Vibration, and many more!

While many of Horner APG’s products are manufactured and assembled in the United States, the reach of the organization is truly global; including a worldwide distributor network. With offices and locations across the globe from Canada to China, you can easily find a Horner APG product almost anywhere you need.