“We learned about Horner controllers from our rep at Power/mation roughly 12 years ago. We were looking for an alternative to the higher priced PLCs on the market. We have used everything from 102’s to XL 10’s and everything in between. The controllers have been used for everything from simple machine control to controlling the lighting system in one of our large production plants.

The X5 controller is the brain behind our assembly AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles). Our “assembly managers” are using multiple X7’s with remote SmartRails to keep track of production info. and works with our AGV control to start the index cycle of the AGV’s .

Our favorite Horner Automation attribute is their free programming software, Cscape. Cscape is common to all the controllers from the smallest lowest priced to the large HMIs.”

~ Jeremy Foytik – Ariens Co, Brillion, Wisconsin