Overall Equipment Effectiveness

A pre-programmed solution that is fast and easy to implement. No programming development on the user end, just a simple setup on the touchscreen and you can start monitoring and collecting data in minutes.

What is OEE?

Why do I need OEE?

Where can I use OEE?


*Horner App – gives you the ability to access all WebOCS enabled controllers with your iOS phone or tablet

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OEE Solution Kit  ~

Remote tools are available for management visibility of all work cells being monitored for OEE. These tools include datalogs and dedicated management screens independent of operator screens. Data is made available for management to analyze shift, day, week and even monthly production information.

• Log production data that is immediately available to every user on your network
• Instantly generate data to use for work cell or shift reports for a process, area, plant, division or your entire enterprise
• Collect work cell OEE performance data and alarms, downtime reason codes and operator calls
• Data to create custom dashboards and reports exactly how you want them from the OEE stored data files

• Single source of data – detailed, accurate, timely and precise
• Operators – Meet production targets by empowerment to improving focus and quicker reaction to downtime and quality events
• Supervisors – Set shift targets using data to analyze and be proactive
• Leadership – Launch projects, set goals and compare investments with results

Plant Wide Data Collection can be displayed on a large screen ANDON monitor ~


XLW Prime ControllerConnectivity - Ethernet, manual operator input via HMI
Horner BundlePackaged together with power supply and protective enclosure
Tower LightSignal system for Good / Caution / Alarm / Call - viewable from a distance
Adder Options:
Ethernet Port Expansion
USB Port Extender
WebMIProvides remote visibility and accessibility to data, allowing management to monitor operations hourly, daily, weekly and/or monthly
WiFi Option
*All datalogging for each work cell includes OEE alarms, downtime codes and operator calls, in a .csv format to allow for easy use of data for reports and managers
*Email attachments by end of day with all logged work cell OEE alarms, downtime codes and operator calls
*Notifications can be sent to multiple tiers of contacts if system has not been acknowledged

Documentation & Resources

DocumentReference NumberLink to Download
OEE Sales SheetHA-348
OEE Intro Video
Configuration Video Demo
OEE Configuration UtilityDownload
OEE User ManualMAN1348Download
XLW Model 3 Data SheetMAN1334Download

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