Choose one of our powerful Horner OCS All-In-One Controllers to help eliminate lab-time bottlenecks and time limitations. The use of an OCS as part of our Academic Program makes it easy and cost-effective for each student to have their own lab equipment and be able to meet their requirements for your automation educational program. They will have access to develop programmable ladder logic control, graphical Human Machine Interface, I/O connectivity (discrete and analog), and networking (Serial, CAN, and Ethernet) with our easy-to-use OCS products. All with our FREE CsCAPE software.

Our Micro OCS Series Controllers offer a cost low enough to justify making this a part of each student’s Book Program, so they all own one and have it readily available as their time requires. Tech schools have commented that the students have learned more with this tool, as they have more time to spend in a lab environment. The students can keep the controllers when they are done with school or sell them to the next group of students just like they do with books.

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