“I have worked at Honeywell as a Technology Specialist until my retirement several years ago.  During the last 15 years of my career, I designed and built a number of small processing stations utilizing vacuum, UHV and high temperatures. Several generations of Horner PLC’s were the centerpiece of these systems. My reasons for choosing Horner include:  integrated I/O options, standard sized housings and nice touch-screen interface options.

Overall, I have to say that the Horner PLC’s were fairly easy to understand, program and implement, even for a PLC novice like me. The online and phone support was responsive, and critical during some of my late-night programming sessions.

The I/O options were easily enough to handle my needs, and the Cscape software allowed me to design a comfortable and comprehensive operator interface.

Perhaps the best thing I can say about Horner is that, last time I checked, all of the systems are still operating with the original PLC’s. Several have been updated, but none have been replaced.”

~ Dave Heglund – Honeywell, Circle Pines, MN