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Apr 11 2022

R&D Sales Robotic and Environmental Controls

“I have been working with Powermation since 1994 and with the same salesman, Mike Genereux. We started with GE PLC’s back then but we knew of Horner because of the strain gauge and RTD cards Horner built for GE. When Horner started to develop the PLC with screens built in we started to use more

Apr 11 2022

Ace Furnace Consulting Ltd

“I started using a Horner kit when I started my own business, basically because Cscape was free. Before that I tended to use A-B (shock). I'd first seen a Horner OCS250 when I got sent to Russia to troubleshoot a small Canadian built incinerator around 2004. That was when I found I could download Cscape

Apr 11 2022

Midway Industrial Supply

“I have used Horner for years, purchasing through PowerMation. I appreciate the all-in-one controllers super tech help that Horner doesn’t charge for.” ~ Mark Steinmueller - Midway Industrial Supply, Mounds View, MN      

Apr 11 2022

Lakeview Electric Contractors, Inc.

“The best way I could explain about learning about Horner is that I inherited sites with Horner application. I am in an agriculture setting. I use Horner for grain handling, green house control, well control, and hog barn feed and water control, plus a temperature and misc. alarm for animal housing. So far, it’s been

Apr 11 2022

Airside Door Systems

“I first became aware of Horner HMI controllers several years ago at an Aviation trade show in Tampa, FL. I saw them used in an Aircraft Hangar air handling controls system. I was immediately impressed with Horner’s 7” color touch screen. Since then, I have adopted the Horner XL-7 model as the primary HMI/controller for

Apr 11 2022

Terex Utilities

“I’ve been a Horner User for almost 10 years now.  I was first introduced to the Horner OCS system by two people. Jeff Peltier my local sales rep from Power/Mation had been trying to get me to convert for a while, and a colleague at who had experience with Horner PLC’s coming out of Mitchell

Apr 11 2022

cGas Controls

“I work at cGAS controls in Poland. We operate in the natural gas industry. We have been using Horner controllers for 8 years. I create control applications for gas odorization plants and for gas heating. I mostly use XL7 C116 and I think that it is a very good piece of equipment, perfectly suited to

Apr 8 2022

Retrofitting Legacy OCS – Part One

The very first Horner OCS100 & OCS200 models hit the market in 1998 and tens of thousands have been providing reliable service ever since. If you've got one of these workhorses, you may be in the market to modernize your control system. Lucky for you, you'll be able to accomplish that while reusing a significant

Apr 4 2022

The X5: A Truly Unique All-in-One Controller

The Horner OCS X5 stands apart from other Horner OCS models - in a good way. The X5 combines the compact packaging of Micro OCS and the advanced networking capabilities of the XL Series with a unique I/O complement. In this session we will explore the X5’s uniqueness and some of the applications in which

Mar 23 2022

OCS as an Ethernet IP I/O Adapter

In large part due to Rockwell’s market position, Ethernet IP is ubiquitous in factories all over North America. If you are an OEM looking to separate your machines from the pack - yet fit in nicely with your customers’ installed base – Horner OCS can be a great option. The OCS offers a powerful, economical


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